Location, Gosford, Australia.


A science fiction movie screenplay

‘Pleasure Girl’

By Estelle Asmodelle

It is 2313 AD and the story follows the lives of Xavier and Opeia. During resurfacing on Earth an old Cryogenic laboratory is uncovered. One of the occupants is still alive, Xavier. He is shuttled to the ‘Einstein’. Meanwhile, Prof Stein completes construction of Opeia, the ‘Pleasure Girl’ android. She boards Zeta shuttle on route to Rigel.

Upon reanimated Xavier has no memory. Zalt is only other to be reanimated and he lives on Rigel. Xavier gains access to the conscious computer system ANNIE. During a hypnotic experience Xavier learns what has transpired in the past 150 years; global nuclear war, creation of an intelligent machine and the accidental release of SAD, the Super Aids-D virus that has made the Earth’s surface uninhabitable.

In a quest to regain his memory Xavier boards the Orion shuttle for Rigel in search of Zalt. The Zeta shuttle carrying Opeia is some 6 months ahead as Orion leaves. Shortly after receiving an indecipherable alien transmission the Earth is completely destroyed.

When Opeia arrives on Rigel she takes on her role as ‘Pleasure Girl’ for the male-dominated mining colony, only to be caught by the evil Zalt. He reprograms her into his ‘Goddess Nemesis’ and instructs her to kill all those who stand in his way to control the last human city.

Xavier becomes fascinated with the surveillance footage of the murderess Opeia and agrees to head security upon arrival on Rigel. Meanwhile, aliens land on Rigel just before Orion arrives.

Xavier and the Rigel inhabitants start to close in on Opeia only to learn that aliens are slaughtering their people. The focus is on protecting those remaining as the colony hides from the aliens deep in the bowels of the city.

Then in a firefight, a small child is killed by an alien in front of Opeia. Her brain then reboots and rejects the new programming. Opeia then becomes the only weapon against the aliens and manages to eliminate them all. A disgruntled Zalt terminates Opeia as she dies in Xavier’s arms.

At Xavier’s request, Opeia is cryo-stored. It is at this moment Xavier’s memory comes back like a flash of light.

Fade to black.