Location, Gosford, Australia.

Pleasure Girl

A science fiction movie screenplay: A memory-less Xavier is reanimated in 2313, and is sent to destroy the android Opeia, who is the last link to his past.

The Screenplay

Written by Estelle Asmodelle

It’s the story of Opeia, and of course the future of humanity, and its virtual component. Reality changes so quickly, accelerating into an unknown future. A future where the concept of self becomes dynamic.

“Perhaps one day robots will become more human like than the humans of the future…”

“What does it matter, consciousness experienced by a person or a synthetic person, it is still consciousness..”

As we look for life on other planets, what do we expect or hope to find? Organic life? Life as we understand, may be in for revision. Afterall, its just as possible that we may find silicon life and artifical intelligence far greater than our own.

The real concept of this film lay in two questions; “what is consciousness?” and “can a machine ever be a conscious being?”

Perhaps there will be a time in the future when the answer to these two questions is the same.

The ideas in the film deal with, robots and androids, space travel, the future, aliens and disease. It confronts our fear of ourselves and our ideas of control. It also addresses the idea of what makes us who we are. Is it our memory or our actions? 

The film is about a man who has been reanimated 150 years in the future and has no memory. He is sent to destroy the android ‘Pleasure Girl’, who is perhaps the only link to his past.


Festivals Love ‘Pleasure Girl’

A sci-fi screenplay unlike any other…